Sunday, February 25, 2018

House of Refuge ~ Jamie Lynn Boothe

The reality is some cliches are true to form. In the up close, personal, realistic look into an abusive love story "be careful what you ask for" makes you think. So what does Trinity ask for?

Romance is what you will find in this book, coupled with real-life inspiring faith. You will decide for yourself if Trinity understands what an answer to prayer looks like...after all everyone wants to be happy. We all want someone who will cherish our mind, body, and soul.

House of Refuge
Trinity Everhart thought her life was perfect—until it all changed within the blink of an eye…
Stuck in an abusive relationship after her mother’s death, Trinity neglects her connection with God while she lives in constant fear for her life. She wants nothing more than to break free from the prison she’s in and to return to a life that includes her love for photography and her religion. When she makes her escape, Trinity finds herself in the company of people who are willing to help her start over.
Gates Longman has seen his fair share of horrors and doesn’t need any more complications…
The ex-Navy SEAL wants to live his life in peace at Smith Mountain Lake, yet when an old friend calls upon him to aid a helpless young woman, he’s unable to say no. After agreeing to help Trinity and hearing her story, Gates is convinced the man from her past won’t let her go so easily, and he’s determined to do whatever he can to keep her safe.
To get through the toughest storms, sometimes all you need is love and a little faith…
At his cabin, Trinity finds solace and a chance to grow closer to God again, while Gates is given an opportunity to break down his inner walls. The more time they spend together, the more comfortable they become, bringing out feelings they have difficulty controlling. Now they need to decide if being together is just a chance happening, or if God’s hand is a bigger part of it.
But Trinity still isn’t safe, and there’s a danger lurking in the shadows, threatening to break down what they have managed to build together…
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Jamie Lynn Boothe

We hope to interview +JamieLynn Boothe here soon. In the meantime, enjoy his interview with Tazwhole on YouTube.

Keep writing +JamieLynn Boothe you have an awesomer talent.


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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Re-group Mode

#epicFail on our Kickstarter campaign

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Regrouping for a 
"June 1, 2018"
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We sat down with a group of people who were authors, artist, and musicians but were pre-famous.
We decided it is possible to make the best seller’s list without having a publishing house take 75% or more of the profits.
We decided it is possible to keep the ‘right’s to your work and make boatloads of money.
We decided that people should read as often and as much as possible and there aren't enough authors on the planet to keep readers happy.
We decided you could write a book, have it professionally edited, professionally formatted, clothed in a beautiful cover and sold to thousands of readers for a profit.
We decided we are helping as many #GoIndie authors as possible in their PERFECT storm to Greatness and a profit is made with the lions share of money going to the artist.
We are working daily to create your PERFECT storm to GREATNESS. How?
  • Professional Web Presence
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  • Social Media Management
In marketing, brand management is the analysis and planning on how that brand is perceived in the market. Developing a good relationship with the target market is essential for brand management. Tangible elements of brand management include the product itself; look, price, the packaging, etc. The intangible elements are the experience that the consumer has had with the brand, and also the relationship that they have with that brand. A brand manager would oversee all of these things.[1]”
If you have published a pamphlet or a host of novels ~ let talk about what you have done or what you have on the agenda…

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

We NEED You to Survive

Our Kickstarter  Plea

We have explored many agencies to assist us in our quest to succeed and yet we are failing.
We need you to survive.

How we got here...

I hope that you’re doing well!.
#TeamACPSLLC is raising money via Kickstarter to assist in launching our publishing business in a smaller city. This will allow our company to split more profits with our clients.; we could really use your help.

We have only raised $300.00 of the $270.000.00 we need by February 11, 2018.
Even a small donation would help us reach our goal. We have rewards from $5.00 - $5,000.00.

You can make a donation on our crowdfunding campaign page by clicking here.  We have taken great effort to WOW  the world with our White Paper and a solid business plan, go ahead and read about it here.
ACPSLLC is a Christian based organization desirous of bringing positivity and innovation to the family-oriented community of Bristow, OK.  As small business owners, we wish to boost the economy by enhancing the artistic goals of authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, and performers; to help curb delinquency in the area and augment the historic value of route 66.
We will accomplish our goals, by building a 30,000 square foot edifice in Bristow, and extend our services to all within a wide radius, even internationally. Additionally, by faith, we will use crowdfunding, grassroots funding, and good old-fashioned hard work. We earnestly wish to become the hub, which links Tulsa, OK and Oklahoma City, OK on Route 66.
Our plans are to house nine (9) separate businesses, in that space; and we project 28-35 professional and semi-professional positions will emerge, from this endeavor. 
However, our publishing house is closest to our hearts. With an Indie Author, on our team, we want to help all aspiring authors to reach his or her goal of becoming a well-known writer. We offer them a seamless finish from manuscript to masterpiece. We will encourage authors to write, while we edit, format, print and review their work. We will also schedule the first reading of their work, book signing, and/or mixer.
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Our Featured Reward

Commemorative Wooden Nickles with our Logo on one side and an Oklahoma BIson on the other.


Our company has pinpointed many issues and solutions in the industry. Help us rectify this wrong.

Our Most PROMINENT Reward

As a prominent donor, on the Kickstarter platform, we felt certain that you would like to play a key role in helping us to meet these ambitious goals. Our online fundraiser has already begun and is scheduled to end February 11, 2018. There are several rewards offered to those, who choose to partner with us in this endeavor.  However, the one that we feel would best suit your standing in the Kickstarter Community is the “Eternal Benefactor Plaque.” By choosing this reward:
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Will be placed on a magnificent plaque and displayed on the wall of our main Event Center and on the wall, in the reception area of our business offices.
Additionally, as a special “Thank you”, for your generosity, we will host a public “Black Tie” banquet, in your honor; contract a prominent speaker, popular entertainers and present you with fitting memorabilia, to mark the occasion. Yes, you will be honored, for time immemorial.

Therefore, please go to our Kickstarter link, pledge your support and share this information with your friends, business associates, and family members. We believe that with your pledge, these goals are unstoppable.

Our new address is:
P. O. Box 84
Bristow, OK, 74010

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Wooden Nickel / Bison's / ACPSLLC

In the United States, a wooden nickel is a wooden token coin, usually issued by a merchant or bank as a promotion, sometimes redeemable for a specific item such as a drink.


Scrip and tokens have often been issued locally in times of severe economic distress such as financial crises and the Civil War. During the Depression, a local bank in Tenino, Washington, issued emergency currency printed on thin shingles of wood.[1] Blaine, Washington, soon did the same with both flat scrip and, in response to requests generated by news and word of mouth, coins that included a 5-cent piece.[2] The Chicago World's Fairin 1933 issued wooden nickels as souvenirs, and the tradition of wooden nickels as tokens and souvenirs continues to the present day.[3]
In more recent times, wooden nickel trading has become more popular. Individuals can have their own personalized token made and then trade with others who also have had their own made. This is especially popular in geocaching.
An American adage, "Don't take any wooden nickels" is considered a lighthearted reminder to be cautious in one's dealings. This adage, too, precedes the use of wooden nickels as a replacement currency, suggesting that its origins lie not in the genuine monetary value of nickels but rather in their purely commemorative nature.[4][5][6]

Wyoming/Montana/Oklahoma American Bison

Please click here, to reach our Kickstarter campaign and make your pledge, above is our Featured Reward. These bison's are miraculous as they move through Yellowstone. The leader of the pack stops and poses for the camera which is perfect. I feel as if they are migrating from Wyoming to Oklahoma to keep us company, not sure who told them we were on our way but...

We really enjoyed this video.

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January 24, 2018 - January 29, 2018

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Daisy Mae

I started with a very quick glance at the offending member and said - 
"Oh good, you haven't got a discharge. " 
I turned round to get the herpes swab, turned back and said automatically, 
"Oh my goodness, you HAVE got a discharge! - Oh my goodness. .... I think you had better clear that up!" 
To my horror, and it has never happened before or since, this guy had just ejaculated all over me!

I have been doing Ballroom and Latin for 3 and 1/2 years now with my lovely partner Edward. We have just done out Gold Ballroom and Latin medals and got highly commended. We are enthralled with Strictly, adore the show, try very year for tickets and never get any. We watch 'It Takes Two,' every night over dinner, and love Ian Waite's magic wand and hot tips!! So ... I would love to be interviewed by Tess, Claudia, Ian Waite or any of the judges! ... Oh - but if they are busy ... Chris Martin will do! (See my book, Dating Daisy!! - he features heavily!)

I love the writing life - so different to my old life. I write everything down in my pink book, even in the car. I even dream about stories and wake up and jot them down. For example - I Tweeted a few days ago about my favorite Christmas things (ornaments): a rather anemic looking Santa, a Blue Snowman and a gold painted reindeer who looked a bit orange that evening in the light. In the night - I woke up with 3 characters for a Christmas story _ Santa jingles, Frosty Blue and Ginger Rudolph! So watch this space ... I am always reading and writing and it has completely taken over my life. As I do book reviews I even read standing in a queue! My mother taught me to read before I went to school. She didn't know what she had started! ...    


I seem to have a peculiar brain that speaks to me! No, I'm not mad! For example the 
'Will Santa be my Perfect Date this Christmas?' 
( the article just flew into my head while I was in the supermarket! I rushed home, just put the ice cream in the freezer and left all the bags, and scribbled it out on the back of an envelope lying on the worktop so I wouldn't forget! It happens a lot. I could give you so many examples. Everything I see gives me an idea for a story. I just did my first book signing at a jewelry auction. It was a terrific event and a lot of people wanted my book, which was wonderful. (Dating Daisy has been said to be a cross between Sex in the City and Bridget Jones Diary!) But I got to thinking about why on earth people wear jewelry? It's a bit bizarre to harness chunks of metal and bits of stone to the human frame?! As a sexual health doctor, there are lots of spin-offs from this: piercings, genital piercings, STI transmission, jewelry for the genitalia...! I now have loads of ideas from that one event for many more blog posts etc.. I have had 30 years experience in Women's Health, Gynaecology, GU Medicine and Menopause. I now write a sexual health blog for and a menopause blog for I have a great sense of humor so these are usually fairly humorous such as 'My Menopause Christmas Tree!, for example! Take a look and laugh! So summing up - personality, medical knowledge, and a humorous writing style! - a perfect combination!

Doing book reviews has opened my mind to lots of different sorts of books. I have reviewed nonfiction, family history, crime, travel writing and .. a fabulous book of Love Poems by an Indian poet Mahiraj Jajeda, all of which I really enjoyed.



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