Sunday, September 25, 2016

Keeping my Promise

As promised this week we are going full tilt boogie on crowdfunding and what it means to us at Articulate Communication Publications, SLLC #ACPSLLC.

We are an upstart company (almost six months old) that has outgrown our home internet business. We decided to move into an office setting, but wait there's more. We are adding an attraction for the public. 

So how are we going to fund this huge move with remodeling, soundproofing and adding a staff of five? 


Here is an overview for now 

Accompanying the overview you will find an invitation to the down and dirty on October 26, 2016 where we are kicking off our 30+ day crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds that will assist us in leveling the playing field for #goIndie authors. 

Brick & Mortar Overview

Our services are unique and or offices are unique because we offer:
  1. Individual “Luxury Reading” rooms
    1. We will start with 3 themed reading rooms
                                                               i.      Beachfront
                                                             ii.      Tropical
                                                            iii.      Mountainous
    1. We will have two conference rooms for targeted reading events
                                                   i.      Target one schools (field trips with reading, comprehension conversations and snacks)
                                                  ii.      Target two ambulatory seniors (day trips with reading and honest reviews left for our clients, with snacks)
                                         iii.      Target three Independent authors who need a place for book signings or small celebration for benchmarks in their career i.e. new book, new cover, bestseller list, etc.
  1. Coordinate author’s careers with advice on social media presence, branding and publishing direction.
    1. Reading teams will visit nursing home with non-ambulatory seniors to attain reviews for our author/clients giving them 50 review in 50 days. These are real live reviews versus the scripted review of one “wanna be author” for the same price
    2. These reviews are purchase verified and posted in a strategic manner to build and old a rating within the algorithm of whatever venue chosen when service was ordered.
    3. Authors are encouraged on many venues to give book away to entice readers to visit this platform and often purchase other items. Keeping the money in the authors pockets is our goal and we will strive on every level to entice readers to interact the author and build loyalty to the brand. 
The event on October 26, 2016 is our Bi-Annual event and there we will detail our plans and encourage your support. Here we grow again and as promised here is your invitation to see the talent that surrounds us and motivates us to promote them as often as we can.

I have no idea what will happen next week as we are busy, busy, busy making plans to stimulate more art via words. Keep your eyes on this Twitter account it will guide you through our progress right up to the GRAND OPENING February 7, 2017. Consider yourself invited.

MZZ DunningReads