Monica Handy
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From 5/17/2016  - 6/17/2016

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Meet Ruby Stewart

I'm what you might call eccentric. I do what I am asked, to the best of my ability, I say “please” and “thank you” and the rest of the time, I tip-toe through life, as not to be heard. Truth be told, I’d rather move to the Himalayas than have a hostile confrontation. Only problem is, I am vexed by these wild dialogues in my head expressing how I really feel, verses what I actually say. In my head, I am a fierce tiger to be reckoned with, but on the outside, a nineteen-fifties, picture of servitude. Welcome to a quick-witted and humorous introspect of a woman who embraces her flaws and honestly shares her thoughts about her job, observations on life and the man she's loved for two years. Kick back, grab some coffee and prepare to laugh with a friend! 


Chicago native, Monica Handy is the creator of COOTW E Magazine, a play wright, and an author. In 2014 -16 she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Sacred literature and was interviewed by: *Wellness of Eden Magazine as one of five women who inspire other women *Brandnewz, by Imani Person * Evangelist Darryl Gilliam of The Major Change Network and Foundation. * and Carol Ann Kauffman of Vision and Verse In 2012, Monica asked Dr. Joseph B. Howard Sr. for permission to establish his award winning novel, "Battered Clergy From Victim To Victor", as a stage-­play. The stage-­play, under the direction of Alvin Malcolm Daniels of Halsted Media Works debuted in Chicago in June, 2015 to a sold-­out venue! Her most recent title, The Meanderings Of Ruby Stewart is currently undergoing several reviews and the sequel, AND THE MIRROR CRACKED (and HOW TO KILL A LIE), released in July 2015 , are receiving five star/critical reviews on and Ask Dave. To date, Dr. Handy has four grown children, two grandchildren, two daughters in law, and one son in law, to be. Her first title "Revelations of a Promise (ROAP)" is undergoing rewrites and will be released soon as "Chronicles of a Well Woman-The Bliss Fix".