Sunday, June 5, 2016

FRAGILE by Drew Sera

My new company has started to read this amazing book. I will not comment on the book itself (YET). The reason I am posting about it in the first place is to prove that diligence and self-promoting works when you work it.

On April 27, 2016 Articulate Communication Publications, SLLC hosted an event on Facebook placing our wares on display. We continued by placing authors’ wares on display; free. Many businesses and PA (Personal Assistant) companies charge to promote you in a community where you are foreign expanding your fan base. The interesting component is while you are expanding your fan base, so are they. How you ask? Well you invite your fans the few you believe you have and now these companies poach them.

Please do not get me wrong many of these companies do you an awesome justice in increasing your reach giving your books a boost. This is a momentary upswing in the algorithm that is Amazon and yes, you as an author have more pennies in your pocket for that month.

Articulate Communication Publications, SLLC on the other hand hold your “Fragile” reputation in an insulated package of 50 Reviews in 50 Days. It is not a one time “pump you up”. It is a steady flow of purchases reviews and more purchases with blogging about who and what you are as an author. Your characters take on a life of their own giving you a fan base multiplied by 50. Do the math while you write your next book.

If you are an author, check us out.

Now for the readers who just want a free book whenever you finish one. You can actually read yourself to a vacation. We give you free books. Some have never been read by anyone i.e. not yet published. Some on the other hand are published and need attention. You will decide if they are worth reading. How powerful an undertaking at the tip of your fingers. You can help feed an author while you get great gifts for yourself. Remember how much you spent on books last month; then click this link.

Talk to you guys soon. In the meantime and in between time, pick up your copy of “Fragile”.

{You could sign up with us today and read it, free ~ jes sayin}

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