Saturday, June 25, 2016

The fight with big business i.e. Amazon


Theodore Roosevelt said, 
"Aggressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords." 

My husband often sings a gospel song that states a list of things worth fighting for, I am tired and don’t really want to fight for something this is rightfully mine. But I will and I am. I believe that honesty is the best policy and try forthright approaches to everything I touch. I have found this last week to be more than challenging because being an entrepreneur is rewarding until you attempt to fight big business.

I have taken my gloves off using underhanded roundabouts is the method I will use until big business cooperates with my company. ( tells us how Jeff Bezos started Amazon and one would think those who work with and for him would be sympathetic if not empathetic to small business. However these “employee” disgrace him and his legend more often than not. They see working there as a ‘job’ where Jeff saw it as a mission. Alas “they” will more than likely work for someone the rest of their lives.

Thinking out side of the box is what “Project and Program Managers” do because you learn to manage time, people and money. I did this for more years than I care to admit. Those are the only tangible items on a project or in a program. When you master one, you are starting over in the other, if you don’t believe me read the “white paper” from any past, current or projected project.

Amazon, you won this week…but I have only begun to fight. So the battle is over, on with the war. Stay tuned. You lose, even though you don’t realize it, yet.

     My last comment for today is simply, read this book you won’t regret it.

She pulls you end and gives you an earful of what men really think and say behind your back. They are watching you when you don’t think they are.

The pet name was cute, but how can a love go so wrong. What I found interesting is the “private” conversations we listened to regarding this company man. Actually, it was more how three best friends compete over her ‘submitting to them” in their fantasies discussed between golf buddies often run rampant. This descriptive tell it all enlightening read makes you mad, makes you smile, makes you laugh and most of all it makes you grateful there are good guys in the world. Doesn’t matter their sexual preferences, it does matter they are protective when needed.

No matter what you think about the community ~ when the rules are applied all know that “NO means NO”. The word no, stop, quit, is respected. This is my second book about this community and I find they believe in the rules set by their peers. Drew has done her research and is edifying us one book at a time.

All I can really say without getting ‘punished is Kitten is worth following to the next book. She may be the Sub, but she has control of some mighty powerful Dom’s. Unfortunately she didn’t meet them first.

*Finger snap neck roll* You go gurl. 

Mzz Dunning

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