Sunday, June 12, 2016

Why waste my time? Why waste your time? Spend your time reading 'FRAGILE'

Articulate Communication Publications, SLLC
I am the Owner, Operator, Last word and often Risk Taker in Articulate Communication Publications, SLLC. I own this company with two (2) other people. In addition, I manage four Facebook pages, five Facebook groups and eight Twitter accounts. Finally, I edit (really just proofread) Independent Author’s work when needed (asked) sometimes I am paid.  Yes indeed this is a full time job.

Finally, our company is innovative by offering our readers unprecedented benefits. Taking it one-step further, we have applied for a copyright regarding our “special” introduction to achieving reviews. This week we have received a threat and two people have spent the time filling out an application pretending to want to join our team. It wasted some of my valuable time and made me spend some money on the Paralegal I have on retainer. However, the best part of using a website to glean readers is they automatically grab your IP address. I may not make any money with this company. I may sell it to the highest bidder before the end of the year. What makes me smile is the fact that anyone who uses this pioneering idea “will be sued” without hesitation or pause. By this time next week I will know exactly who the culprits were who wasted my time. Then waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting to see the ‘competition’ pop-up will be exciting.

The above could prove moot in the end. 

Today this blog was simply to introduce the new phase in our company starts on August 1, 2016. Author interviews. We are not stopping at Author’s; we are including Bloggers, and any Entrepreneur that finds themselves connected to publishing or writing.  ACPSLLC will spotlight one person/business per day. There is only one criteria, first come first serve. August 12, is full. Fill out the form, we all have forms; the calendar will help you receive your desired date.

In the meantime and in between time, pick up your copy of Fragile (


It is an 'awesomer' read. The story line is based in Las Vegas with just enough twists and turns to make it believable. I have five chapters to the end of this remarkable book. I will finish it before I sleep tonight.

Your book could be next…

Readers are still welcomed

{You could sign up with us today and read it free ~ jes sayin}

Mzz Dunning

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