Sunday, June 19, 2016

You can't choose your family? Happy Father's Day You can choose your clients!

Drew Sera is one the first clients who signed up for our Grand Opening Facebook event April 27, 2016. This lady is very inquisitive which I find refreshing. Why? I enjoy sharing the plans I have for this company. I love talking about how excellent work is under rated because it is unread, most of all I enjoy explaining how timing and algorithms make money with little or no effort. I am not saying writing is not work, nor am I stating that you can kiss a penny and throw it in a fountain and walk away. What I am explaining is YOU are not alone. Not one author is alone but many independent authors feel this way because after second-guessing every word you push the publish button and nothing happens. 

With the big publishing houses, there is champagne, parties, boxes of books shipped to your doorstep. Bookstores are confirming your appearances and your blood sweat and tears feels a rewarded. Not to mention the fat check in your bank account allowing your time to concentrate on each word specifically placed on the page. Especially the fact that you are not responsible for marketing on any level, you just walk around handing out 'free' books and feeling accomplished. 

Independent authors rarely feel this euphoria for months, years or even decades because after they pressed 'publish' you went to your 9-5 job. When you came home, you washed clothes, washed dishes, cleaned the bathroom and told your children a bedtime story. In between, you checked 200 - 300 times how many books were sold or partially read, how many books were returned, who visited your fan page and how many reviews were left. You checked your email and balanced your checkbook wondering how many days you could take off to finish book seven (or eight). 

Let Articulate Communication Publications, SLLC help you with some of the drama. Our company can assist you with a spotlight interview. We can give you 50 reviews in 50 days; these are magic numbers and very few people know why. Believe me timing is everything. We understand the timing; we understand that your work is your everything, your entire world. Let us prove to you, your work is important to us. Our prices will go up on August 1, 2016. On that same day we will host our first Spotlight for Authors. The spotlights range from free to $200 plus dollars, but we offer you something to work with in boosting your presence to readers who want to pay for and read your books.

Now take a moment purchase this excellently penned novel and find out why Drew Sera chose us, and why we love clients like her. Start by taking four minutes for a great tease to lead you into the undercurrent of Vegas. I live here and this is one of those "what happens in Vegas..." You will not be disappointed. Follow Drew on Amazon and see her 50 in 50...regular people reading excellent work by an amazing author. Your call...if you want to work with us follow our links. We are worth your time...

Mzz Dunning

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