Sunday, July 3, 2016

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          We currently have three clients and we love all of them. We want more, we need more and yes, we are still hiring.

          If you love to read, we want you to work with us and for us as soon as you can sign up. (  I need an excuse to hire a full time person to assist me with the paperwork. So if I can get 13 new clients and 38 new readers we will happily hire you too.

          Our current client is Drew Sera. This is what she told us in April 2016

Drew told us she started writing In July 2014. I had wanted to write this story for a while before I actually sat down and said, “I’m going to do this finally.”

She is motivated to create deep, complex characters that readers will connect with…”I’m also motivated to have my book series land with a (mainstream) publisher.”

Drew refuses to give up until my goal of having the complete series written and published. Then ‘she’ can say ‘she gave’ it her all. BUT the ultimate result will be when she achieves ‘a book contract with a publishing company for my book series, “The Everett Gaming Series”’

When Drew is not following this passion, you can find her reading books from other authors in her genre. She loves romance and erotica novels with good plots and engaging characters. Drew is at her best when she is in the company of close friends or at home in a quiet space left to write. Writing brings a sense of calmness to her.

Drew has a great support system of

“Friends in the indie writing community and am relying on their word of mouth to spread word of my book.”

The one thing Drew wants everyone to know about her is:

“The Everett Gaming Series is very dear and close to my heart. I spent many years crafting deep, complex characters that I hope people will love and connect with. I also want everyone to know about the incredible photographer that did the cover images for my books. He goes by the name Depraved Eros and is a fantastic friend and photographer.”
                I enjoy communicating with Drew, she is open honest compassionate and caring. We recently found out we both live in Nevada. One day we are going for a Smoothie. Probably not until August but this has been a heck of a year. Our company is brand new growing rapidly. We are looking to take on more clients and expand by the end of the year to translating books into Spanish before the end of the year. Our Author Spotlight goes live in less than a month. I can barely keep up with myself. The possibilities are endless. Please stay tuned.

      Pick up a copy of the first two books in the “Everett Gaming Series” ( because the third book is just around the river bend.

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