Sunday, August 7, 2016


Due to the under whelming response to the Wall of Fame we are postponing the launch date to December 1, 2016. No other dates have changed so please support our efforts because you are supporting an #Indieauthor. This is all we do, this is why we are here, they are our motivation.

ACPSLLC is adding a wall of fame to our website to go live on August 1, 2016. 

We would like to include your contact information i.e. Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Group Page, Fan Page, Blog Page, etc. You may send your information via email: We will collect all the information by the July 25, 2016; then once a month thereafter, on the Saturday closest to the 25th of each month going forward. Additionally, we will update the Wall of Fame on the Sunday closest to the 1st of each month.

We are requesting that you make available something in exchange, and we are offering three options. We, however, WILL NOT hold anyone hostage. We simply want to support you in any or all of your #Indie publishing world.  We are enthusiastic about this, because we believe we can mutually benefit each other.

Please join us in building a service and product no one can resist.

1.       Support one of our two campaigns leading up to our October Bi-Annual anniversary:
     a.      HeadTalker
              BEFORE August 30, 2016

2.       Support our Bi-Annual Anniversary event:
     a.       Grab a Takeover spot
     b.      Share the event
     c.       Invite people
     d.      Blog about it

3.       Support our Pre-KickStarter campaign
     a.       Fill out our form letting us know what you are willing to do
     b.        We will have multiple surveys
                                                                                                 i.      Tag-Tweets, etc.
                                                                                                ii.      Donate time, gifts, advice, etc.

We will not push you or spam you no matter what the situation. In addition, even if you decide NOT to support our Brick and Mortar KickStarter efforts on any level, we want to support you and your efforts. Write me, personally, and tell me how ACPSLLC can assist you in your Perfect Storm to Greatness.

The wall of fame will parlay into a directory for authors to shop for all things publishing i.e. PA’s, Music motivation muses, Editors, etc. We believe there are so many services needed that  we need to lead where we are able and support where we can, on and off Facebook.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation.

Mzz Dunning

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