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Collaboration in Motion
Jessie Nw- I write romantic contemporary women’s romance. I also have an uncompleted series about a murderer. I consider it a Mystery series vs. a Suspense series. In answer to “experimentation,” my answer is Inspiration. I never thought about inspiring someone until now. I realize my test turned into my testimony, thinking there are those who find my history inspiring. This makes me smile.

WADIFTS- And rightly so -You are a welcome addition to “Collaboration In Motion-Women Doing It For Themselves!” We need your voice.

Through the Darkness ~ Stories of Hope

"Sometimes, I feel as if I am a simple amenity to the structure that is his world."

Meet Jessie Nw, Pen-Name for undercover author and collaborator of the new release, “Through The Darkness-Stories of Hope”. You may think we are joking but Jessie Nw is a pseudonym the Government employee uses for the purpose of writing professionally.

“I work for the Federal Government,” Jessie shares openly. “…and there are so many rules and regulations that I not only write under a Pen Name, I refuse to say which agency…  After chatting with my sisters, we thought to publish under one of their names, but both will one day to write their own story. That is when we constructed an anagram and published under this Nome de plume.”

If that isn’t interesting enough certainly the driving force behind her craft is! Jessie Nw never consciously decided to pursue a writing career, yet, the writing style found in “The Solomon Sisters Series” seems to resonate a certain graceful strength gifted by God, and tried by tragedy…

“My mother is a retired Professor who taught Writing/English. There were strict, unwritten rules regarding English in our home (i.e. reading, writing and homework) but especially speaking clearly and enunciating. So, let us fast-forward 25+ years to getting married and having my husband abruptly taken from me during an ATM robbery. I needed and finally accepted emotional therapy where I dealt with the anger, pain and grief surrounding this pain of being a 29-year old pregnant widow. Finally, 11 years after Eddies’ death, I decided to pursue what always soothed my soul – writing. I stopped running from it and embraced it with fervor. So technically, my writing career pursued me. When I finally stopped running and gave in to its healing powers, I published my first book in June of 2013.

When asked what inspires her to write, the author (not unlike her peers) answered, “Truly it started as therapy.  Now it is what allows me to breathe.”

Tell us, have you ever had a particularly harsh critique?

Jessie Nw- “Who does your editing?” The author answers candidly.

How did I handle it? I added an editor to the process of publishing. I now have three editors go over the product before it goes live.

WADIFTS- Love your attitude-very professional. I see that you “eat the meat and spit out the bones,” remaining focused on the task at hand. Any advice for fellow authors?

Jessie Nw- My advice for authors is do not ever think you are in competition with anyone. No matter how many books you write a true reader will want more. You may be their favorite writer but even if you put out a book a day, it wouldn’t be enough. A true reader is going to find something to read. So take your time put out a great product, make your book the one they come back to over and over again. Setting yourself as a competitor against someone who can never be you is ridiculous. The best part is you are not them either.

WADIFTS- Speaking of “Over and Over again,” what book or series do you enjoy reading over and over again?

Jessie Nw- The Great Controversy it keeps me in tune with my ultimate goal.

WADIFTS- If you could choose an author to be your mentor, who would it be?

Jessie Nw- This is such a hard question… John Grisham has a flare I would like to mimic, but Nora Roberts seems to have an imagination unmatched. I believe my imagination and equally distinctive style (urban dialectic similar to bougie black) will rock the market.

Quid-pro-quo? - If you were stranded on a deserted island, and you could only have five books with you, what would they be?

Jessie Nw- 
a.            Through the Darkness ~ Stories of Hope by *Talented Beauties*
b.            The Holy Bible King James Version (with highlighter)
c.            The Simplicity of the Biblical Sanctuary by *Virginia Echols Harrison*
d.            The Desire of Ages by *Ellen G. White*
e.            And the Mirror Cracked by *M. Handy*

WADIFTS- What are you working on now?

Jessie Nw-  Recently I lost sixty percent of my sequel in The Solomon Sisters series.

WADIFTS- That must have been devastating?

Jessie Nw-  I refuse to release the first book of my next series about our infamous egomaniac who keeps killing people…  When this person wants a promotion, someone gets in his or her way.  There is always a solution. Then there is another promotion so now what?

“Fasten Your Seat Belts!”

WADIFTS- What is the best compliment you've ever received as an author?

Jessie Nw- “I absolutely hate your characters.”

Me- “Really, which ones.”
Them- “All of them; who names a character Jelly?  It is completely unbelievable.”

This said to me, that they read the book; it bugged them enough to send me an email. The book stuck with them enough to cause action...success.

WADIFTS- Have you ever gotten an idea for a story from something really bizarre? Tell us about it.

Jessie Nw-    All the time. Every time I go to an island I see something else and I go, “this is going to be good.” Often I encounter negativity in humans; I then allow my imagination to write them into a scenario befitting their attitude. Many end up dead…

WADIFTS- Oh-boy-Lol!
 Quid-pro-quo- Are you a pantser or outliner?

Jessie Nw-    A panster all the way. I have a set of stories in my head and I see the outcome. Then I write, sometimes it works out. Other times it sits on my computer until I pull out a page or two and another story envelopes it.

WADIFTS-  I certainly can relate to your process! How many books do you have on your "to read" list? What are some of them?

Jessie Nw-     I checked my Goodreads list and the crazy number is 1189

The three books that I will review next are:

  • The First Lady’s Choice (technically finished)
  • How to Kill a Lie
  • King

WADIFTS-  Wow! 1189? Anyone needing a review better get on the list now! Do you have anything specific you'd like to say to your readers?

Jessie Nw- “To my readers I say. Thank you for listening to the voices in my head. Sometimes they compete for my attention and the ones who win that day get in the book. Sooner or later they will all come out and when they do; you will get to meet them. one or two at a time.”


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