Sunday, November 27, 2016

My world does not include reading :'(

There are 11 (eleven) books I want to read, no I need to read,ok,  "final" change I GOTSTA READ. 

The entire universe seems to revolve around this Indiegogo that is not Go-Go-Going anywhere. There are three (3) days left in the RAFFLE; jump in today.

We have a sale going on, then there is another sale going on, then there is another sale...a total of four (4) before the end of the year. 

The first one:

#ACPSLLC First Sale

The second one:

#ACPSLLC Second Sale

Next week we will see what is available on the SALE menu. After all the shopping you've done you really want to sell some books. Let us assist you.

Now back to the books. I have six hours and no company due until January, happy dance, happy dance, happy dance. 

I hope your turkey day was festive which makes the entire "Christmas" holiday less than a month away.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Word "Update" is R E L A T I V E...

We (Articulate Communication Publications, SLLC aka #ACPSLLC) place #GoIndie AUTHORS in the eye of the storm, leaving the creative control in the hands of the author.

All the luxury of a posh firm with the personality of a boutique-publishing firm, the best of both worlds.

When a reviewer spends three to four hours relaxing in a Luxury Themed Reading Room; before leaving the facility, they will receive a book from our shelves in return for the book they just read/reviewed.

When an author receives a traditional contract from a huge publishing house, a celebration ensues.

#GoIndie authors now have a place for such a celebration.

#ACPSLLC offers #GoIndie authors the luxury and convenience of a smartly priced venue with three different set-ups for various celebrations:

 Cover Reveal
 Chapter Reading
 New Title
 Best Seller List
 Book signing
 Simple mingle
 Editing party
 Webinar hosting/training

#ACPSLLC Reviewers (you could become one from home also)

We will pull your reviewers into your books via Luxury Themed Reading Rooms.

Consumer Luxury Themed Reading Room

Three diverse themed reading rooms

• Beachfront view
• Tropical view
• Mountainous view

Two conference rooms for targeted reading events

• Target #1 Middle schools (field trips with reading, comprehension conversations and snacks)

• Target #2 ambulatory seniors (day trips with reading and honest reviews left for our clients, with snacks)

• Target #3 Independent authors who need a place for book signings or small celebration for benchmarks in their career i.e. new book, new cover, bestseller list, etc.

Las Vegas, NV is a tourist mecca holding the attention of extroverts, these secluded soundproof rooms will allow for a solace of momentary luxury.

Better than a Mani/Pedi with all of the indulgence attached. What a perfect gift for men and women who just want to read.

This YouTube channel keeps #GoIndie authors connected

Receive an extra T-Shirt when you pick a PERK of $35.00 or more before November 21st.

After that we will offer a different incentive...get your T-Shirt today. And share, share, share...

Saturday, November 12, 2016

First Set of Updates

Vigorously pursuing those:

·         who read,
·         looking to read,
·         wish they had time to read,
·         reads every chance you get,
·         read in the tub,
·         read on the beach,
·         read all the time,

Cautiously chasing authors who are:

·         Famous
·         Pre-famous
·         Bestseller
·         Hefty fan base
·         No fans at all
·         Need reviews
·         Careless about reviews

Looking for:

·         Travelers
·         Vacationers
·         Locals (Nevada)
·         Educators
·         Senior citizens
·         Philosophers
·         Organizers

We have something for everyone. You can receive a T-shirt show your philanthropic side all while making a dream come true. 

It all starts with one


I am thanking you in advance and promising to update you on the book club, how you can join, how you can read free, and how you can use your points for prizes. The week of Thanksgiving, it is all about you. 

Nevertheless, today #PayitForward by picking a PERK and supporting our IndieGoGo.


Remember to share even if you cannot support financially, you can support by telling everyone you know, and everyone in your network. 

Thank you so much! 

MZZ DunningReads

Thursday, November 3, 2016