Saturday, November 12, 2016

First Set of Updates

Vigorously pursuing those:

·         who read,
·         looking to read,
·         wish they had time to read,
·         reads every chance you get,
·         read in the tub,
·         read on the beach,
·         read all the time,

Cautiously chasing authors who are:

·         Famous
·         Pre-famous
·         Bestseller
·         Hefty fan base
·         No fans at all
·         Need reviews
·         Careless about reviews

Looking for:

·         Travelers
·         Vacationers
·         Locals (Nevada)
·         Educators
·         Senior citizens
·         Philosophers
·         Organizers

We have something for everyone. You can receive a T-shirt show your philanthropic side all while making a dream come true. 

It all starts with one


I am thanking you in advance and promising to update you on the book club, how you can join, how you can read free, and how you can use your points for prizes. The week of Thanksgiving, it is all about you. 

Nevertheless, today #PayitForward by picking a PERK and supporting our IndieGoGo.


Remember to share even if you cannot support financially, you can support by telling everyone you know, and everyone in your network. 

Thank you so much! 

MZZ DunningReads

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