Sunday, November 27, 2016

My world does not include reading :'(

There are 11 (eleven) books I want to read, no I need to read,ok,  "final" change I GOTSTA READ. 

The entire universe seems to revolve around this Indiegogo that is not Go-Go-Going anywhere. There are three (3) days left in the RAFFLE; jump in today.

We have a sale going on, then there is another sale going on, then there is another sale...a total of four (4) before the end of the year. 

The first one:

#ACPSLLC First Sale

The second one:

#ACPSLLC Second Sale

Next week we will see what is available on the SALE menu. After all the shopping you've done you really want to sell some books. Let us assist you.

Now back to the books. I have six hours and no company due until January, happy dance, happy dance, happy dance. 

I hope your turkey day was festive which makes the entire "Christmas" holiday less than a month away.

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