Saturday, December 31, 2016

H a pppp y N E W Y E A R

H A P P Y    N E W   Y E A R 


Can you believe this year is almost over?

It's counting down. 

We want the best for you and yours. 

If you are a reader we want you to hang around reading as many books as you choose as often as you like. 

If you are an author we want you to hang around as we review your masterpieces.

If you are a blogger we want you to hang around as we chat about life and living.

See you next year!

MZZ DunningReads

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Holiday Season

#ACPSLLC Holiday 2016
The team at #ACPSLLC wish you and yours a beautiful Christmas and invite you to join us in the New Year.

Be safe, careful & prayerful. 

Most of all BE KIND! 

It won't cost you one red copper penny.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Interviews for Publishing Moguls

January 8th 2017

On January 8th, 2017

Articulate Communication Publications, SLLC will post interviews with Independent authors and other Publishing industry moguls also known as Pre-Famous gurus.

Pre-Famous gurus #GoIndie authors lead interesting lives. Many have dual enterprises i.e. work as an author and in an additional industry. Others have worked in other industries previously and transitioned to the "penned entertainment". 

Still, others dedicate themselves wholly to the world of publishing, writing, supporting, editing, assisting, and formatting masterpiece after masterpiece. We have up close and personal, one-on-one chats with these authors.

We will allow you to listen in and post questions for the author to answer.

The post times are every Sunday with Twitter announcements every Wednesday each week.

Join us now and then.

MZZ DunningReads

Monday, December 12, 2016

How often do you use the 'F' word?

When you are young F O R E V E R seems like a really long time. But forever is relative.

The past 45 days seems like forever to me. The ramp up to, the duration of, the lack of participation, the watching of a singular blade of grass growing, the failing of six months of work slipping down the drain...this took forever. Our IndieGoGo campaign failed, immensely failed, tanked; okay, I'm out of words.

In addition, during this time three family members ceased to exist on this planet. More curves on the emotional rollercoaster. 

Paradigm shift ~ the band is still playing, therefore I am still dancing (and that's why I'm so tired).  

Our company is very busy. 
[Never too busy for you]

Revisiting the infamous "What we do" question. 
See the links below.


Starting with the basics, keep your private life and your professional life separate. Sharing an occasional family picture in your social media postings is okay. However, if you want to be taken seriously, seriously; present a professional front. 

ON SALE UNTIL 12/31/2016
Last but NOT least; we have 24 openings for readers to join our current group of reviewers. There are new standards, perks, requirements, etc. However, our authors are still happy to hear your opinions. And you may have an unlimited amount of books at your fingertips in less than four months *free*.

MZZ DunningReads

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Halfway done

All of this ends on December 13, 2016 Get in here and take advantage by supporting us.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

J.A Kerr's The Braille Club Reborn

NEW RELEASE! The Braille Club Reborn – J.A Kerr

The Braille Club Reborn is the fourth and final book in The Braille Club Series and is AVAILABLE NOW!


The Braille Club, where darkness, is not just blindfolds. Fanatical fantasies are coming to life with dangerous consequences. This is no longer a game but maliciously twisted pain. Pain that shows no mercy. Who will end up on top…and who has the most to lose?
Benedict and Siena Harrison want justice…

After the abduction of their children, they are shaken to their core. Harrison’s becomes their sanctuary…they won’t leave until the perpetrator is found. As the case picks up pace, the evidence points to one suspect.

Evan Radley is a modern-day bounty hunter with Nick Waters in his sights…
Tasked with following Waters, Evan realizes how dangerous the man can be. When he receives a panicked call, he swings into action. This is a race against time—a matter of life or death. Will he get there in time?

Guy Walker’s relationship with Anna Dunbar is at the breaking point…
Consumed by the abduction investigation, Guy ignores the widening rift. Anna, no longer willing to compete with the case, takes matters into her own hands. Distracted and preoccupied they don’t see what’s coming.

Nick Waters planned the perfect crime…
His clever manipulation of the evidence has fooled the police—he is still at large. Consumed with hatred, he strikes again. Will this be third time lucky?

The Braille Club Reborn is available at:



Author Bio
I was born in the spring of 1967 at Paisley’s Ross Hospital in Scotland and grew up in Glasgow. I was an office administrator and latterly a recruitment consultant before marrying and relocating to The Netherlands with my husband. After two years, I moved to Cheshire where my first child was born and returned to work part-time. My final relocation took me back to my home town of Glasgow where I welcomed the arrival of my second child. I raised my family whilst harboring dreams of becoming a writer. In September 2013, I took the plunge and started my first book.
When I set out to write these books, I wanted to create something that mirrored exactly the kind of books I like to read. My top picks are always originals featuring strong male and female protagonists with attitude. The Braille Club Series books are a great mix of genres. Although sensuality plays a big part, there is also intrigue and a touch of thriller.
I love to connect.

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The Braille Club Series!


The Braille Club is available at:


The Braille Club Unbound is available at:


The Braille Club Undone is available at: