Monday, December 12, 2016

How often do you use the 'F' word?

When you are young F O R E V E R seems like a really long time. But forever is relative.

The past 45 days seems like forever to me. The ramp up to, the duration of, the lack of participation, the watching of a singular blade of grass growing, the failing of six months of work slipping down the drain...this took forever. Our IndieGoGo campaign failed, immensely failed, tanked; okay, I'm out of words.

In addition, during this time three family members ceased to exist on this planet. More curves on the emotional rollercoaster. 

Paradigm shift ~ the band is still playing, therefore I am still dancing (and that's why I'm so tired).  

Our company is very busy. 
[Never too busy for you]

Revisiting the infamous "What we do" question. 
See the links below.


Starting with the basics, keep your private life and your professional life separate. Sharing an occasional family picture in your social media postings is okay. However, if you want to be taken seriously, seriously; present a professional front. 

ON SALE UNTIL 12/31/2016
Last but NOT least; we have 24 openings for readers to join our current group of reviewers. There are new standards, perks, requirements, etc. However, our authors are still happy to hear your opinions. And you may have an unlimited amount of books at your fingertips in less than four months *free*.

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