Sunday, January 29, 2017

Missing you and you and you too

Spending time with my mom for the holidays wasn’t enough. It took a few promises and I will owe my husband until the day I die but it is worth it. From Vegas to Oklahoma to California and every stop back to Oklahoma was worth it.

Loving to travel keeps a tingle in your socks; it is also bad on the back. If you fly, it is inconvenient when their schedule does not meet yours. If you drive, the weather is not always your friend. Taking the train is out of the question regarding your pocket and your exact destination. It is downright inconvenient to rent a car and even more inconvenient maneuvering through the train stations. Bottom line, I love my chauffeur. I am head over heels infatuated, bonded by blood to this man. My family owes him just as much too.

I am stable until March 2017; amazingly, the anniversary of Articulate Communication Publications, SLLC (#ACPSLLC) is also in March.

Officially, we are gearing up or the yearly Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter event.

Of course, you are invited. You may invite others if you choose. Starting February 1, 2017, we will have tidbits of information regarding independent publishing, various groups, editing tips and a joke now and again. All in all the next 60-days will seem to fly by.

Here is the information you will need to participate.

Please share with anyone who loves to read, loves to write, wants to write or knows someone who knows someone who loves to read.

We are inviting those who specialize in search engine optimization. No matter what you do online, you will find it more than a challenge if no one knows who you are or what you do. Because we adore #GoIndie authors, we have a slight advantage. 

We want to assist you in your quest to the “Perfect Storm to Greatness”.

Don’t get me twisted, don’t be confused; we don’t do it all ~ we, however, know those who know how to do everything.

Here is what we do (so far):
  • ·      Keep your personal life personal ~ in the most Professional way 
  • ·      Give you 50 reviews in 75 days (including purchasing 55 books)
  •     Set up events, campaigns and organize your blasting campaigns (Daycause, HeadTalker &/or
  • ·      Brand you, your product to include a logo, tagline and/or motto(mission statement)
  • ·      Design graphics specifically for the social media platform of your choice
  • ·      Produce video clips from 2 minutes to 5 minutes in length.
  • ·      Consult, guide, coach your business to its fullest potential (on an hourly as needed basis)

Our umbrella is modest, our prices are moderate, our skills are superb and our intentions are pure. We do not let you down, we only build you up; we want to assist you in your

“Perfect Storm to Greatest”

What do you need?
In the meantime and in between time feel free to assist us in our campaigns.

Building traffic for our venue


If you don't know how to support a blast campaign, watch this short clip.


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