Thursday, January 12, 2017


I am not one to give up and I rarely give in, however I will unplug to recharge. 

This holiday season allowed that luxury as I was chauffeured across this nation of ours. I am blessed with an awesome husband who understands me. It is not as easy as it seems. Yes I am adorable however I am me.

Thank you for understanding me

Trying to handle the business, launch another department, i.e. blog, enjoy the family, and visit everyone I know had me kr kr kr kr krrazzy busy; and loving it.

Almost caught up

Being the BOSS has many wonderful amenities, it also has three times as many responsibilities. If you are thinking of striking out on your own. My advice is the larger the risk, the greater the reward. Please enjoy yourself. It is worth it. 

Remember the most important asset you will acquire is TIME. It is the only thing you cannot 'make'. Take advantage of every minute, every day. Live, love and laugh as often as you can to avoid regrets. 

Finally, I am on a reading frenzy. Independent authors have beautiful minds, huge publishing house are keeping the industry locked down...for now. Keep writing #GoIndie authors, we are reading and enjoying.


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