Sunday, March 12, 2017

Print on Demand

It has come to my attention this awful company is now offering paperbacks along with your eBook on KDP.

Whoohoo, get excited, read the fine print then shut the door.

"Re-publishing this book on KDP will disable it on CreateSpace and cannot be reversed. Your book will be available throughout this process (i.e. you will not lose any sales). KDP does not currently support Expanded Distribution, Proofs and Author (wholesale) copies. If these features are important to you, we do not recommend republishing this book on KDP at this time. If you continue, you will be redirected to log in to your CreateSpace account to verify your ownership of this title. You will then be returned here to continue setting up your title. After verification, we will transfer your CreateSpace book’s metadata and book files. The Paperback Details section (page 1) will be updated with your CreateSpace metadata. Several fields won’t be editable because they’re required to match your 13-digit ISBN to comply with industry standards. Learn More about republishing your title on KDP."

Download and share if you want, it's public information.

Here is a list of POD's that have my respect.

  1. Print on Demand
  2. The Book Patch
  3. Diggy POD
  4. 48-Hour Books
If you have a favorite and/or addition to this list please share. Knowledge is power and sharing is caring.


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