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New Release
Jaybird by Author M.A.Foster
Out now and #Free in #KindleUnlimited
I’ve known Zach since I was nearly six years old.
He was my first crush.
My first kiss.
My first love… my only love.
He was my guy.
But then everything changed.
A year ago, Jayla King, had the world at her fingertips. A loving family. Two amazing best friends.
A promising music career. And the heart of the only boy she’s ever loved.
Until her world came crashing down around her.
I’ve known Jayla since I was six years old.
She was my first crush.
My first kiss.
My first love… my only love.
She was my girl.
But then everything changed.
A year ago, Zach Easton thought he had it all. A promising football career, friends, and after the best summer vacation of his life, he had the girl of his dreams. His girl.
Or so he thought.
After professing their love to each other, she disappeared without a word.
Now she’s back and living in his hometown.
And Zach wants answers.
*Not recommended for readers under the age of 18 due to language, sexual references, and mild violence.
Jaybird is a standalone in a series.
An Animalish Man: How often do guys think about sex by G. Mlynek
Let's meet an intelligent Ulf who has nothing in common with heroes of the romances. Following his story, we have an opportunity to see a man's life, to understand his thoughts and observe his deeds. Everything that men think and do but do not admit it. Mostly a sex drive controls Ulf's life, and because of the man's nature he is involved in an intrigue and must fight for his life.

#Free # EroticRomance
Captivated: Stile Before by Katherine King Romance Author
From International Bestselling Author Katherine King, who reached #1 on Amazon with this Captivated series, comes a two-part story about meeting that one person who completely derails all your well laid life plans as you fall in love and find your true self.
“I didn’t realize when the stage lights came on, I was looking at the person who would completely change my well-planned out life.”
He was sheer sexual magnetism on the stage and Kate was drawn to him despite being happily involved with Ian, a successful LA entertainment reporter. It was normal to feel this drawn towards a rock star, wasn’t it? After all, it was part of their draw to the fans. But when Harley focuses his attention on her, inviting her backstage, Kate knows she has to turn him down. After all, he was only looking for a one night stand.
Harley knew from the moment he sets his eyes on Kate in second row that he was captivated. Inviting her backstage, he doesn’t expect her to turn him down. After a chance encounter with her only a few days later, he knows that he can’t stay away. But how do you convince someone to give you a chance when all you can offer are a few blissful but sensual moments in time when your career demands take you around the world?
Captivated: Stile Before is the first book of a two-part series. If you like raw emotions, sizzling sex scenes, all while being kept on the edge of your seat, then you'll love this erotic romance story of Kate and Harley by International Bestselling Author Katherine King.


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