Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Hiding In Plain Sight by Lucy Felthouse

Mallory Scott is an espionage operative, working for the British government. She’s travelled all over the world, often going undercover and infiltrating criminal organisations in order to extract the intelligence needed to dismantle their operations and bring the perpetrators to justice. Given her usual targets are terrorists, people-traffickers, drug-traffickers and arms dealers, her latest assignment should be relatively simple. A small group of Brits is raking in serious money in the diamond-scamming business—and although their MO is theft and forgery, rather than hurting people, they still need to be stopped. But up until now, they’ve proved elusive—no one can catch them in the act, or find a shred of evidence against them.

That’s where Mallory comes in. She follows the group to Amsterdam, planning to get her claws into one of the gang. Luck is on her side, and within twenty-four hours she’s lunching with Baxter Collinson, the youngest—and most handsome—diamond thief. What she’s not expecting, however, is to get on with him quite so well. Attraction bubbles between them—and for once, on Mallory’s part, it isn’t an act. For the first time in her career, Mallory struggles with what she must do.

Can she ignore her heart for the sake of her career?

The Plastic Face by JESSie NW

Jessie Solomon grew up with parents who enjoyed a strong, stable relationship that outlasted most connections. So why was the oldest of their three daughters flailing through her life, completely unstable? Why couldn’t she see the forest for the trees? Her two sisters, Jelly and Jerry, were progressing and succeeding in life with few issues; but at every turn, Jessie seemed to drive herself into one brick wall after another. When would her life come together? Would she ever live happily ever after?
Darren, tall dark and full of wonder, swaggered into her life, wanting to right all the wrongs that she encountered. He wanted to be better than the husband she lost in an ATM robbery. However, he consistently fell short of every target he aimed for to impress her. Darren had his own past to sort out, and as long as he kept his secrets she would love, respect and trust him.
The one thing that held his attention was her amazing smile. Despite how hectic or chaotic either of their lives became, her smile knocked him off his feet. Her single dimple drew Darren in to her world – with no escape.
They wanted to make a life that outsiders would envy and mimic. Darren could not understand how Jessica could smile, no matter how dire the situation or circumstances. Jessie was an enigma. Darren loved her but he just could not figure out who or what she really was, or what she really wanted.
Unfortunately, that made two of them.


©2017 Euniece Dunning, C-Suites #ACPSLLC All rights reserved 

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