Thursday, September 28, 2017

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New Release
BUMP by Jaime Munn
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Be Careful Who You Witch For
Ever had that feeling--when you're completely alone--that you're being watched? I envy you. I see the watcher in an empty room, and I firmly believe ignorance would be bliss.
Nilla Hayes has a problem. It isn't the pretty werewolf she shouldn't be attracted to. It isn't that her best friend is trying to set her up, either. There are things going bump in the night and they all start with a wicked witch. Things would be a lot easier if Nilla could just turn a blind eye, but not all witches are bad. Now it's war--and no one is safe when witches duel with magic.


25th-29th Sept
Heartbreak's A Bitch by S M Phillips
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Unlucky in love Emily Parker is about to turn thirty. The big three-0!
Yet, the dream house, perfect husband, and cute little children are nowhere to be seen; a little like her sex life.
Instead, most nights consist of a dine in for one, a few bottles of wine and the odd fumble with Vinnie the Vibrator, if she's lucky; so long as she has remembered to stock up on the batteries.
Is this now her life?
It's a far cry from where she imagined it would be when she reached her prime.
Where did it all go wrong? Even the big wide world of online dating isn't getting her anywhere, fast.
Right now, the only thing that Emily knows, is that Heartbreak's a bitch!

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ALL TITLES from Rachael Tonks Author are FREE ON KU
Beautiful Broken Girl - book one in the Broken Girl duet
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Keeping Hope - book two in the Broken Girl duet
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Worth the Wait - A Burn with me Novella.
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The Edge Of Forever -
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The Scars Of You -
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