Monday, July 9, 2018

Authors, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs & Indie Publishing Guru's

What's Your Story
This interview includes your words, your experience, and your dreams. 

The cost is $100.00

It includes
  • Seven day Blog Tour
  • Seven days of Twitter and Facebook Ads that point to this interview
  • Seven days of Social Media Shares (60 post total)
  • One Perma-link for You interview
  • Choice of one video trailer or video of the interview
  • Choice of dates
  • Additional media pictures (banners, memes and or posts) to add to your portfolio
  • Three reviews for a book or business on Google, or Yelp
Schedule your interview to coincide with special dates, holidays, book release, countdown sales, etc. You may schedule six months in advance. You may add pictures, social media links and additional information to the structured questions.  Add a video clip...

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P. S. If you want the full kit & kaboodle you can grab your 50 Reviews in 75 days to the mix.

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