D. Odell Benson

The most important thing to know about D. Odell Benson I’m a free spirit. I believe in helping others when I can, and giving 100% in everything that I do. It has taken me all of my life to give in to what I love to do, and that’s write. As a child I loved writing, drawing, painting, just about anything with the arts. In High School, I noticed everyone using the term “starving artist” but I wanted to be successful, so I stopped writing and followed the paths that everyone else took. It wasn’t until my 36th birthday that I realized that success is based on what’s inside of us, I wanted to do something that I enjoyed and made me happy. So here I am, soon to be your favorite author.

Life is too short to worry about what other people think. I live by the beat in my own head and dance off rhythm because I can, making people smile is my main priority in life; I can’t accomplish that goal by being like everyone else.

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I refuse to pursue any other career because my goal is to write. I have degrees, I have worked in different fields from correctional officer to fraud analyst. I want something that I am proud of, something that is mine, and I won’t get it if I voice that I have another option.

 I am at my best when I’m writing or coming up with something that is so far out of the box when it pertains to literature I sometimes have to pull myself back in; not everyone is ready to read books through the eyes of a murder. Most books talk about the “law” side of a situation. I’m at my best when I can provide a different view on something.

 My ultimate result is to write ninety books before I retire.

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