Kisses In Ibiza
An All The Right Moves 

About The Author
Selene Chardou

Unconventional, quirky and imaginative.

Fascinated by the untold stories where people are portrayed as flawed yet human, interesting yet possess all the traits that make up one’s personality. Perfect characters do not exist in her world, and you’ll never see one written about.

Selene prefers lightness over darkness though she believes it takes more than love to conquer all. Her characters work hard to make their relationships last, and although she believes in reality, she also loves one hell of a happy ending.

Selene Chardou enjoys living in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area, and considers herself a Nevadan after twelve years living in the state despite growing up in California. She has two daughters who are six and a half years apart so beside author, she also works as referee, counselor, part-time maid and taxi driver.

An avid reader herself, she enjoys big five published authors, hybrid authors like herself, and indie authors. She is a world-class traveler, has lived in both the U.K., and Sweden but her heart will always belong in Versailles, France where she has found her piece of heaven (even if her French needs work).

SE Chardou 
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