Drew Sera

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us Drew.



Drew has had the absolute pleasure of working with a fabulous photographer for the covers for The Everett Gaming Series, Depraved Eros. He has an incredible eye for art and brings out the best in every subject he captures with a camera. His work can be found at depravederos.com and if you enjoy erotic/kink photography on a tasteful and classy level you should take a look. Photo shoots with Depraved Eros are life changing events and I highly recommend it. Depraved Eros Productions created the book trailer for "Fragile" and "Belonging".

DREW on YouTube

When we met at the EyeCandy event these were in the works. They end result is wonderful. And Sydney is safe(ish). 

I love when you encourage your readers, no all readers to leave reviews. Not just on your masterpieces but anything they may read. Your encouragement to all #GoIndie authors is invaluable. 

If you are in the publishing industry, you can sign up to share your masterpiece right here. 

See you next Sunday with more stories of great #GoIndie authors.


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