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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Steam is Escaping


The descriptive suggestion of love, lust, and romance dipping into the minds of readers for the sole reason of igniting the heart and loins without limiting the imagination. 

We will call this giveaway "STEAMY"!

Grab up to 100 books today. 


Would you like to get in on this next Freebie or $0.99 cent book sale? There's a simple way to market your books and we are using this to market for our clients.

Become our client for only $5.00.

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The first SKY is the Limit goes live in January. 50 books per genre each month. Get in this number.


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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Twenty-nine Days

This reminder is for all who have a calendar and a watch but rarely use them.

Social Media keeps us connected while disconnecting us from the things we really want to see.

Here is your Social Media clock and reminder to our event.

Support and Play!

More importantly, this one day event is a spring board to our Kickstarter event that will run approximately 30 days. We will keep you updated here.

So far the interaction and support system has been overwhelming. We are asking that you keep the momentum going so it spreads like a fire giving new meaning to the word viral.

Thank you in advance.

MZZ DunningReads