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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Annelise Reynolds Newest Release

Now Available!

Domesticated by Daddy


I have a bad reputation, and my antics have pushed my father to take drastic measures. If I don't take a position as a live-in nanny for the assistant district attorney, then I'm going to be cut off from my trust fund, and escaping to college goes out the window.
After meeting Tyson, I no longer want to escape. Where my father failed to tame me, my Daddy knows just what I need to keep me in line—a firm hand and a gentle touch.


I knew it was a bad idea the minute I agreed to let her work for me, but nothing could have prepared me for the woman who knocked on my door. Serena is a Little Minx and completely unaware of what she wants or needs. From the second I laid eyes on her, I knew she needed a Daddy to fill her needs both in and out of bed.
I shouldn't touch her, but I'm not strong enough to resist. I'm going to teach this party girl a lesson—one spanking at a time. 

A DILF for Father’s Day Series! 

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🧑 New Release! - Domesticated by the Daddy by @authorannelisereynolds - 
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πŸ’› 21st - Bringing Home Daddy by @eleighauthor - link tba

Father’s Day has never been so hot!

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Monday, March 16, 2020

Get Unplugged from Modern Medicine by Frederick W. Scarberry

We are happy to talk to Frederick W. Scarberry regarding his newest publication.

Frederick W. Scarberry

Also Available for Lectures and Book Signings

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What if most cancers of the breast, ovaries, uterus, prostate, and thyroid could be avoided by simply supplementing with an affordable mineral that is lacking in the food supply and modern diet? What if the explosive increase in ADHD, autism, low IQ, depression, violent behavior, and some mental disorders could have also been prevented during gestation by this lacking mineral? What if a modern chemical found in carpet, furniture, cars, toddler clothes, and even some foods exacerbated this deficiency? What if I told you that your doctor is actually trained by the system to tell you not to take this mineral? What if I told you there is a different more common mineral supplement and food items with it, that your doctor and government want you to take in excess and is promoting chronic pain, cancer, and many health problems that lead to unnecessary suffering and an early grave? What if there was yet another simple mineral that most all are deficient of that will reduce heart disease risk by more than 50%? What if this mineral could be added to soft water, improve the taste, cost only about 20 cents a day, and transform this water into a healing elixir? What if this same mineral or mineralized water will not only reduce the risk of various chronic diseases but can actually help reverse or cure some of them too? What if this mineral when supplemented properly, will reduce people's need for pain-relieving drugs? What if at least some of the opioid crisis, was simply a deficiency of this mineral? What if many joint replacement surgeries and other surgeries for chronic pain that often go wrong, could be avoided by simply supplementing by this one mineral and one added inexpensive vitamin that also improves skin health?

Available on all platforms

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Five Reasons Why It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

No one said life was fair. Whatever life throws at you, there will be a reaction. The expectation of being Okay with all of the outcomes is not realistic. Life is messy. It is Okay to not be Okay with mucky results. Here are some thoughts on the subject.
  1. Okay, so you feel cruddy. Nothing fits. Nothing taste right. Your hair won’t cooperate, the job, home, partner, and small humans you are responsible for and love are out of sync, and the bank account threatens to bottom out. It is Okay to not be Okay with troubling truths, but it is Okay to admit you are overwhelmed.
  2. Okay, so your way is not the way things are going. Life is chuck full of bumps, detours, and blindsiding. It upsets and rattles your balance. Give yourself a moment, a day, or a week to stop and re-work the immediate priorities. It is Okay not to be Okay when crap happens, but it is Okay to take time to process and plan.
  3. Okay, you really don’t like words and or actions of others. It is uncomfortable, elicits negativity, and is escalating into anger. Don’t sit in seething silence. You need to advocate. It is Okay to not be Okay with an action or idea that affects your life, but it is Okay to speak up for yourself.
  4. Okay, so you are alone and disconnected from everyone. You are feeling sorry for yourself on so many levels. Have a good cry. Let the tears flow, and the tissue boxes deplete. It is a physical relief to just blubber all of the negative emotions. When you are done, wash your face and throw away the tissues. Find that friend who is always there. Take a walk. It’s Okay to not be Okay with sadness, but it is Okay to have a private pity party.
  5. Okay, so you are feeling inept. Everything is piling on your plate and spilling over. Juggling everyone is exhausting. You have only two hands and less than fifteen hours of conscious hours to get it all done. Ask for help. There is no shame in reaching out for advice and assistance. It is Okay to not be able to do everything solo, but it is Okay to accept a helping hand.
 Be mindful of yourself. Be honest about your feelings and abilities. It is Okay to not be Okay, but it is NOT Okay to not being Okay all of the time. Seek out professional help if not being Okay morphs into your normal state of being. Your emotional health needs to be a priority so you can be an active participant in your life. Okay?

Antoinette Truglio Martin’s



Hug Everyone You Know

Book Summary

During 2017's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, She Writes Press published Antoinette Truglio Martin’s touching memoir, Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer. It is a 2017 USA Best Book Awards Finalist in Non-Fiction: Narrative and a 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Finalist: Non-Fiction Women's Issues.

In 2007, Martin believed her call back doctor appointment was routine, maybe a scare, nothing worse. Her shock at receiving a Stage I breast cancer diagnosis was instantly compounded by her own deep fears. As a self-described wimp—afraid of needles and uncomfortable with sedation—how was she going to get through this?

 Antoinette started her fight against cancer with words. She began by journaling and by writing emails to Her Everyone—the large close-knit family and circle of beloved friends wanting to offer their support, especially those who were fighting breast cancer alongside her. The emails not only helped to keep Her Everyone informed, they gave cancer less of a presence in Antoinette’s life, since she wasn’t repeatedly updating people or saying the word “cancer” over and over. The practice of writing calmed her and also gave her space to focus on living: on the house that wasn’t selling, an exciting new job, daughters in college, and summer beach plans. She signed every email with a reminder to “hug everyone you know.”

Those emails and journal entries are at the heart of this memoir, which gives the book an immediacy and raw power.

Hug Everyone You Know is a memoir about how Antoinette found the courage to navigate her first year of breast cancer treatment. It’s the story of how a community—colleagues, family, friends—rallied to support her. The book is moving, brave, informative, and occasionally funny—and it speaks to us all.

Hug Everyone You Know is now available to purchase on Amazon.comBarnes and Noble, and  IndieBound.
 Praise for Hug Everyone You Know

“…a well-written, concise telling of what it’s like to be hit with a cancer diagnosis and the human thoughts that accompany it, like ‘how do I tell the family?’ and ‘what do I tell them?.... In five words: she writes a good story…. Martin’s persona is optimistic; you just want to hang around her and it’s that attitude that got her through. Not surprisingly, gratefulness is part of her mantra. So are hugs.”—The Suffolk County News

“Filled with fresh air, light, and life, Hug Everyone You Know is an intimate conversation with an intelligent, funny survivor. The voice rings true, and the insights resonate well beyond the cancer moment. Highly recommended.”—Joni Rodgers, NYT bestselling author of Bald in the Land of Big Hair

“… a compelling memoir about the importance of community while navigating a life crisis such as cancer. As an oncology nurse and a cancer survivor myself, I found Martin's writing to be a refreshingly real depiction of life as a cancer patient. Her writing is a testimony to the endurance of the human spirit, the importance of love and community, and the need for hope every day of the journey.”—Lee Ambrose, StoryCircle Book Reviews

“Martin used journaling and emails to “My Everyone,” her group of close family and friends, to get through her diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from early-stage breast cancer….The account reveals the value of keeping a journal as a means of coping with one’s fears and acknowledges the support Martin received through sharing her experience rather than trying to shield others from her illness.”—Library Journal

“…how does one wake up from a nightmare like Stage 1 breast cancer? For Antoinette Truglio Martin, the answer was in her community — her family, friends, and close “everyone.” In this memoir, she documents how staying connected with the people in her life helped her to find the courage to embrace her reality and to transform it into a life-giving experience….Martin writes with natural humor and readers will find a lot of encouragement and hope in her writing. This book will show readers the power of human connectivity and how sharing our experience can become an inspiring journey, not only for those who listen to us, but for us who live it….a gift to receive, use and pass on. This book will give readers the strength and the inspiration to name their suffering and to triumph over it. It’s exciting, informative and, above all, entertaining.”—Christian Sia, Reader’s Favorite

“This is a beautifully and honestly written account of the challenges that face women and families confronting a breast cancer diagnosis. It passionately illustrates the ability of women and their ‘Everyone’s’ to find their strength and demonstrate their love.”—Karen Schmitt, MA, BSN, Director, Cancer Services Program of Manhattan New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia Executive Director, CARE Shared Resource Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

“…Being in the medical field, it’s a shot of reality seeing it from the patients’ point of view, with the day-in and day-out struggles of life compounded with the diagnosis. This book brought a face to breast cancer and I feel privileged and honored that she shared it with me. I will hug everyone I know, now and forever.”—Barbara M. O’Brien RN, Director of Cancer Services Program of Staten Island, Staten Island University Hospital

“…beautifully captures the terror and anxiety—as well as the awkwardness and occasional humor—that follow a diagnosis of breast cancer, and the salvation to be found in the love and support of family and friends.”—Andrew Botsford, Editor and Visiting Professor, Stony Brook Southampton MFA in Creative Writing & Literature


About the Author
Antoinette Truglio Martin is a life-long Long Islander, teacher, wife, mother, daughter, and friend. She is the author of Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer—a memoir chronicling her first year battling breast cancer as a wimpy patient. Personal experience essays and excerpts of her memoir were published in Bridges, Visible Ink, and The Southampton Review. Martin proudly received her MFA in creative writing and literature from Stony Brook/Southampton University in 2016. Antoinette had also written the children's picture book, Famous Seaweed Soup (Albert Whitman and Company), and was a regular columnist for local periodicals Parent Connections (In a Family Way) and Fire Island Tide (Beach Bumming). Her blog, Stories Served Around The Table, tells family tales and life's musings. She lives in her hometown of Sayville, New York with her husband, Matt, and is never far from her “Everyone” and the beaches she loves. Since being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2012, she strives to not let cancer to dictate her life. 

Follow her at Facebook and her website.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


Renee Antonia’s

I’m Not Okay

Tour Begins April 23rd

Book Summary

When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing that goes through Alejandra's head is whether or not she will be forced into another anxiety-inducing situation. The struggles of being a young adult living with an anxiety-ridden brain becomes too much for Alejandra to deal with. So, with the help of her friends, she forces herself out of the bubble her anxiety has placed her in. She learns to conquer the fears she once thought would destroy her and learns to rely on herself more than she ever has.

Print Length: 203 pages
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Publisher: BookBaby (June 24, 2017)
ISBN-13: 9781483598062

I'm Not Okay is available as an eBook at Amazon.comBarnes and Noble,  and Apple iTunes

About the Author

Renee Antonia grew up in the Los Angeles area with four siblings and two wonderful parents. Having such a strong support system enabled her to decide who and what she wanted to be. However, this question haunted her for years, because she couldn't quite pinpoint what exactly she saw herself doing for the rest of her life. She began to read a lot, hoping to find inspiration between the pages of a book. It was at this time that  she realized one thing. She loved sharing, reading, and writing. Renee decided that she wanted to be a writer, and since that day, she has taken any steps necessary to achieve that goal.

You can find Renee Antonia at:

 Blog Tour Dates (in Chronological Order), updated as of 3/13

April 23rd @ The Muffin
What goes better in the morning than a muffin? Come by Women on Writing's blog The Muffin and read our interview with Renee Antonia and enter to win a copy of the book I'm Not Okay. 

April 24th @ The World of My Imagination
Flex that imagination muscle when you come by Nicole's book and writing blog to read her opinion on Renee Antonia's book.

April 25th @ Bring on Lemons
Get out that lemonade, when you check out Crystal's blog today and see what she thought about I'm Not Okay by Renee Antonia.

April 26th @ Madeline Sharples Blog
Renee Antonia will be a guest writer today at Madeline Sharples' blog and will be talking about mental health, a very timely and important subject.

April 27th @ Lori's Reading Corner
Plant yourself into your reading corner while you read Lori's blog, where you'll have a chance to read another guest post by Renee Antonia.

April 28th @ Bookworm Blog
If you can't get enough books, come by Anjanette's bookworm blog to find out Renee Antonia's thoughts on mental health.

April 29th @ The Page Turner
Kayla over at her blog The Page Turner will be hosting Renee Antonia, who will be sharing her thoughts on short stories.

April 30th @ The Nerdy Bookcase
Come by Molly's blog The Nerdy Bookcase to read her thoughts on Renee Antonia's book I'm Not Okay. 

May 1st @ Mari's #WriteON!Journaling Blog
Make sure you visit Mari's blog where you can read another guest post by Renee Antonia on the poignant subject of mental health.

May 2nd @ Coffee with Lacey
Drink coffee and read Lacey's blog today where you can catch Renee Antonia's thoughts on the books she is currently reading. You can also find out what Lacey had to say about Renee Antonia’s book, I’m Not Okay.

May 3rd @ Write Like Crazy
Today's blog post will want to make you read like crazy when you catch Renee Antonia's thoughts on short stories over at Mary Jo's blog.

May 4th @ Phytallic Blog
May the 4th be with you today when you visit Phytallic's blog and read her opinion on the book I'm Not Okay. 

May 5th @ Bookworm Blog
Can't get enough books? Well come by Anjanette's blog today when she shares her thoughts on the book I'm Not Okay and interviews the author Renee Antonia.

May 6th @ Mark Hunter's Blog
Stop by Mark Hunter's blog to find out Renee Antonia's thoughts on writing while working full time. Also, Mark interviews the author to tell us more about this incredible writer.

May 7th @ A New Look on Books
Take a new look today when you stop by Rae's blog A New Look on Books when author Renee Antonia shares her thoughts on short stories.

May 8th @ The Page Turner
Kayla over at her blog The Page Turner will be sharing her thoughts on Renee Antonia’s book I’m Not Okay.

May 9th @ Life, So Daily
Renee Antonia will be stopping by Alicia Rust's blog Life, So Daily and sharing her thoughts with a guest post on mental health. 

May 10th @ Write Like Crazy
You'll want to read today's post over at Mary's blog Write Like Crazy when she shares her thoughts on Renee Antonia's moving young adult fiction book, I'm Not Okay. You can also enter to win a copy of the book too!

May 11th @ The Faerie Review
Come by Lily's blog at The Faerie Review to find out her thoughts on Renee Antonia's book, I'm Not Okay. 

May 12th @ The Faerie Review
Stop by The Faerie Review again when blogger Lily interviews Renee Antonia about her book. See what this young adult fiction author had to say!

May 13th @ Making LOL
Join Herlina at her blog today and find out what Renee Antonia has to say about mental health, a perfect conversation piece today.

May 14th @ Life, So Daily
Come by Alicia’s blog Life, So Daily to find out her thoughts on Renee Antonia’s book I’m Not Okay.

May 18th @ Strength4Spouses
Renee Antonia will be over at Wendi's blog Strength4Spouses and will discuss mental health. Maybe this will give you strength to talk about this subject with those closest to you.

May 21st @ Strength 4 Spouses
The last stop on the tour is over at Wendi's blog Strength4Spouses when she shares her thoughts on Renee Antonia's book I'm Not Okay. 

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Nicole Pyles
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